Ice Cream Stores in Quebec City

Hands holding cup with rolled thai ice cream

Ice-cream Stores in Quebec City

Ice cream in recent times has won over the heart of many. From adults to youths and kids, a great number have found ice-cream to be an amazing companion when hanging out with friends, during parties, events, on a cool movie day, and solace for those with heartbreaks. The city of Quebec is not left out of the fun and has become home to various ice cream stores.

To be candid, nothing beats an awesome scoop of ice cream or more, especially on a sunny day in Quebec – the soothing relief as it gently goes down your throat, preferred by some others when toppings are added.

Here are some of the best ice cream shops available in Quebec in case you want to have that mind-captivating experience thus summer.

• La Cigale: This ice cream store is located in the city of Quebec, about 120 minutes away from Montreal. This store is a perfect one-stop shop for ice cream. They have a wide range of super dope flavors – malted milk and matcha are some of their flavors. They have an awesome garden where you can have your ice cream cone with an awesome view and environment. When it comes to a tiring sunny day, this is a perfect store for you.

Crèmerie-Café Les Délices Royales: Just as the name implies, they are more than a principality when it comes to ice cream. This store has an awesome ambiance and majority love to cool off here and unwind from stress with their awesome servings of ice cream. A scoop of their ice cream will definitely make you come back for more. The positive vibes in the environment makes the whole ice cream journey for the customers really amazing and breathtaking. They have one of the most delicious and classic ice creams in Quebec and great Icerolls.

Chocolat favoris: Rumor has it that chocolate favoris is home to one of the best ice cream in the city. It is very popular in Quebec for its distinctively tasty creamery which is simply irresistible. They have got all the exciting flavors you can think of from strawberry to vanilla to dulce de leche, just name it. So take the step of having an awesome cruise with your quality ice cream and have an awesome time.

Le Frisson: Despite the fact that this Quebec City spot serves up some genuinely delightful frozen yogurt, the genuine superstar? Their incredibly delectable solidified yogurt. Truly, the solidified yogurt from Le Frisson is not at all like anything you’ve ever tasted previously. New, delicious, fruity, with simply the perfect measure of fiery sweetness, the frozen yogurt here is more than worth the trip out to Quebec City.

Summer can be a whole lot distressing when you have nothing to help ease out the summer weather feeling. You need not bother anymore as ice cream will make that summer worth the feeling. Visit a Quebec Ice cream store today and have a blast this summer.