Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment You Need To Know About

Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment You Need To Know About

So, you have recently opened a store or a food-joint and have decided to add a commercial refrigeration unit alongside it. This will help to keep a lot of frozen foods fresh and you can add a lot of new recipes every day. Before you go and buy one of the refrigerators, here are some of the different types of commercial refrigeration units that you should know of:

Keeping The Merchandise Cool

Whether it is packaged peas or yogurt or cheese or any packaged food, it is best to keep them refrigerated. A refrigerated merchandiser will be the ideal refrigeration equipment that you need to keep all these things in one place. You can keep a lot of beverages and products that have to be kept at a lower temperature than normal, but always make sure you are keeping food and drinks at recommended temperatures.

The Commercial Prep Table

This is one of the most used commercial refrigeration systems in the recent times. It has a flat slab attached just on top of the refrigeration unit. The entire equipment looks like a single box where you can cut and slice on the slab and use the refrigerator that has got door panels below. If you have salads and sandwiches on your menu, this unit will be the one to look out for.

Bar Refrigeration Unit

Everyone loves to have a beer every now and then and it will be great if you can have a small commercial bar refrigeration equipment that will keep the beers chilled. You can also keep vodka or white rum if there are customers who like mojitos or ciders. There are lots of sizes to choose from and you can buy according to your daily requirements. You will get a lot of panels even with the smallest size of them all that can stock more than twenty bottles at a time.

The Reach-In Fridge

Almost every restaurant or food-joint these days have a reach-in fridge that keeps the daily food items you need. It is quite like the merchandise fridge but has got a bigger capacity. This commercial refrigeration equipment can be used in your home too. Some of the reach-in fridges have double doors too for added storage. You can keep both frozen foods and meat in this one.

It is always wise to decide the purpose of the refrigeration equipment before you buy one. There are various types and sizes of these units that are available. Buy one that will suit your daily needs.

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